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Monday, January 10, 2011

Why Do Men Love a Woman in Hosiery?

I went to my resident male (aka my fiance) for advice on why men love a woman in hosiery, and got some great insight into the male mind.

According to him, hosiery gives women a look of "put-togetherness." He went on to say that hosiery "brings an air of sophistication to sexiness," while showing "a woman's attention to detail and grooming."

Here, I stopped him and asked if hosiery acted "like peacock feathers" in that it's bright and attractive to the eye. He agreed and then noted that hosiery shows "femininity" and gives women a "tighter shape" which can make the clothing worn on top of it even more attractive. So, there you have it, straight from the horses mouth: hosiery, the oft-overlooked fashion item, makes a major impact on a man's opinion of a woman.

In a town like Kansas City, which has been rated the worst city in the nation for dating by Yahoo.com, a woman who dresses her legs is going to make a far bigger splash on the scene that women who neglect their legs.

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